A Note to Art Faculty

From Steven Glazer, Coordinator of the Student Art and Illustration Contests and Exhibit:

First of all, if you are doing something special in the classroom, something that you think others would really like, or need, to hear about, I strongly encourage you to submit a proposal for a Lightning Talk, a short, 10 minute overview of your accomplishments and/or challenges. When I hear these talks I am astounded at the creativity, knowledge, patience, effort and skills of my colleagues from across the state. By the end of the day my brain was going full speed and I was incredibly inspired. This is something all should experience!

Even more important, are the opportunities that the LAND Conference has for your art students. While the conference only last for three days, a portion of the main room has been set aside for community college student art work from across the state of Michigan. Three years ago we had approximately 75 pieces on display, which has grown to close to a hundred pieces, if not more, the last two years. The exhibition is faculty selected…which means you are responsible for selecting and submitting your students’ work. The submissions are done via JPG images, and must somehow reflect the 2019 LAND Conference theme of Movement. Furthermore, there are LAND Conference Student Art Competitions in three categories: Two Dimensional Work, Three Dimensional Work and Illustration, as well as a number of awards.

The following are some quick ideas of how the theme of Movement could be used in your class projects:

How can you incorporate the theme of movement into your students’ projects?

Does a piece show movement?
Does a piece show the result of movement?
s the piece actually incorporate movement?
How drastic does movement have to be in order to make a significant change?
What happens when movement goes in reverse (I recall a couple episodes of the original Star Trek that happened this way.)
Could a piece show different stages of movement?
What happens when movement results in negatives? How do we cope with this
Should movement cross established borders or stay within borders?
How far can an idea travel?
How does one document movement?
Can an emphasis be placed on lack of movement?

How far do your ideas go? How far can you/your students run with this theme?

The theme, Movement, can be expressed either as a 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional piece of artwork.

  • 2-Dimensional: All mediums accepted. Maximum size: 16″ x 20″ either vertical or horizontal, including frames and/or mattes. See note below under “Display of Art Submissions.”
  • 3-Dimensional: All media accepted (excluding food). Maximum size: Height plus Width plus Depth must not exceed 60″ or 30 lbs. All pieces must be easy to set up and display.

All entries should be through submission of a JPEG to landconferenceart@gmail.com

Each JPEG sent must be labeled with School Name and Artist Name and “LAND Fine Arts Competition” in the subject area. Example: Muskegon Community College Amy Smith LAND Fine Arts Competition

Each submission must include a completed digital or printed and mailed copy of the entry/release form.

All email submissions must be made by midnight, Friday, December 7, 2018.

Note that while the original intent is that all submissions that are brought to the conference in Ann Arbor will be displayed, the LAND Conference will have to finalize this concept when we see how many entries we receive. If the number of entries continues to grow, we may have to have the juror actually selected a given number for display.

JPGs will be juried for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both 2-D and 3-D categories, and Best of Show in the Illustration category. Furthermore, as stated earlier, the Illustration winner will serve as the cover to the Student Awards Program. The juror will be a professional artist that is not connected to the LAND Conference Steering Committee, nor in a teaching capacity where they could have students who have submitted work to this competition. There will be monetary awards for each of the seven winning pieces. The juror’s decision will be final. Additionally, a luncheon to recognize all of the student winners will be held at the Land Conference in February 2019.

This is a great chance you and your students to interact with others across the state of Michigan. I look forward seeing some spectacular student art work, and hopefully meeting a number of my artistic colleagues in Ann Arbor.

While this conference is not art centered like F.A.T.E., N.C.E.C.A., or A.I.G., it is relatively inexpensive and a lot of fun. Additionally, in the arts are all feeling the push of Guided Pathways, the restrictions of financial aid requirements, and the sometimes endless task of finding ways to keep ourselves viable. It may be cool if a number of us attending this event and were able to meet for a couple of hours as a group to discuss these issues. Please let me know if you have interest in this idea.

Steve Glazer
Henry Ford Community College

April 10, 2018