Poster Session

Eligibility for 2021 Conference

The LAND Student Poster Session is open to any student enrolled in a credit class at a public Michigan two-year college during the 2020 calendar year.

The LAND Student Poster Session showcases the scholarly work of students or student teams. The projects may be complete or they may be ongoing.


NOTE: Presentation information was just borrowed from Student Scholars as a placeholder.

  • Selected student presenters will be expected to present their posters on Friday, February 19, 2021 at the LAND Conference via Zoom online.
  • Student presentations must last no more than fifteen minutes, including time for Q&A (suggested presentation time is 10-12 minutes).
  • Technology may be used: Prezi, PowerPoint, audio, video, internet, etc.

Submission Process

Submit the following via the official Google form:

  1. The title of the proposed poster;
  2. Name(s) of (co-)author(s) and their institutional affiliation;
  3. A 50- to 200-word abstract (one or two paragraphs) that includes at least the following elements:
    • Brief background information on the topic for a general audience;
    • Aim/purpose or main focus of the literature review or research;
    • A summary of the most important findings/results;
    • Method(s) used and conclusion(s) are optional.

If the authors’ academic discipline uses a different, well-established set of requirements for abstracts than what is outlined above, they should use their discipline-specific abstract format; such abstracts will still receive full consideration, though the submission should indicate that by checking the “Discipline-specific format used” check box and providing the name of the standard or the professional organization that determines the discipline format.

Abstracts will be reviewed and included in the conference program unless they are found to be clearly inappropriate, objectionable, or of poor quality. If an abstract is included in the LAND Conference, the author(s) are asked to commit to having at least one representative be present with their poster during the Poster Session.

Poster Guidelines

Authors should use a discipline-specific poster format generally accepted in their academic discipline. In general terms, however, most posters should have the following elements in some form:

  • Poster title, with all authors and affiliations listed prominently at the top of the poster;
  • An Introduction section (or similar);
  • A brief Materials and Methods (or Methodology) section (or similar);
  • The main section(s) should include some arrangement of Results, Discussion, and/or Conclusions, either as separate sections or one or more combined section(s);
  • A Works Cited, Literature, or References section should be included, and references should all be clearly annotated in the body of the poster using the reference style accepted in the authors’ academic discipline;
  • The poster may have additional sections, such as Acknowledgements, Further Information, or others.

Effective posters typically have several graphical representations of data or trends and/or images of the objects or phenomena discussed in the poster. A very good resource on making good posters can be found here:


A group of judges will review the posters during the Poster Session, including the presenting authors’ “poster talk.” The top three posters will receive monetary awards in the amounts of $150 (first place), $100 (second place), and $50 (third place). All participants who participate in the Poster Session by being present and giving their poster talk (as visitors approach and talk to them about their work) will be recognized with a printed certificate of appreciation.


Is the deadline the same as for other submissions? All submissions must be sent by 11:59 pm, Friday, December 18, 2020.

Entry Form

LINK to Google form.

This is on the Student Scholars app. Is this true for the poster session as well? > LAND does not accept entries sent directly by students. The entry form should be submitted by the student’s mentor.


The student retains the copyright to scholarly works submitted to the LAND Poster Session competition. However, the student grants LAND the right to reproduce any submission on its website or any other LAND publication regardless of medium of publication.