About LAND

The LAND membership consists of Michigan’s community colleges.

Our goal is to be a forum and a network for the development of the liberal arts in all of its many aspects. Its activities are aimed at both teachers and students. We hope you find an access here to information leading to the improvement of the teaching of the liberal arts.

Statement of Purpose

LAND seeks to develop and to promote a network for strengthening the liberal arts in Michigan community colleges.


  • Explore the values and relevance of the liberal arts to our colleges and communities
  • Unify and integrate the liberal arts with our curricula as appropriate
  • Identify and work toward improving liberal arts instruction
  • Plan for the immediate, short-term, and future needs of liberal arts education and instruction
  • Meet on a regular basis to work toward achieving the above objectives

Steering Committee

The steering committee meets once a month during the academic year. Active colleges typically send two representatives.


LAND works closely with the Michigan Liberal Arts Deans which includes academic leaders (deans, associate deans, chief academic officers) from Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) Institutions. These leaders from the Arts and Sciences network and share resources in professional development, best practices, and utilizing external benchmarking. For more information, visit the MLAD website.