Student Scholars Conference

Congratulations 2021 LAND Student Scholar Recipients!

Eligibility for 2023 Conference

The LAND Student Scholars Competition is open to any student enrolled in a credit class at a public Michigan two-year college during the 2022 calendar year.

The LAND Student Scholars Conference showcases the scholarly work of eight students or student teams. The projects may be complete or they may be ongoing.


  • Selected student scholars will be expected to present their project on Friday, February 24, 2023 at the LAND Conference.
  • Student Scholar presentations must last no more than fifteen minutes, including time for Q&A (suggested presentation time is 10 minutes).
  • Technology may be used: Prezi, PowerPoint, audio, video, internet, etc.
  • The 2023 Conference will be virtual.

We are open to the following submissions

  • Formal research papers on a liberal arts topic
  • Student service projects that benefit the college and community
  • Original musical or dramatic compositions
  • Other scholarly work (Please ask us!)

The student must submit the original research or project documents. Please include Student Scholar’s name in title of any documents submitted. In the case that the research/project cannot be submitted via document (such as a theatrical performance, dance, other visual or performance arts), then documentation can include audio/video along with the student’s presentation summary of the research/project. LAND is open to new and exciting projects – please email Steven Berg ( with any questions!


Entries will be evaluated by members of the LAND steering committee. The eight selected proposals will demonstrate originality, creativity, and understanding in at least one of the liberal arts fields – fine arts, mathematics, natural sciences, philosophy, languages or social sciences. Steven Berg is the coordinator for this competition.

Students whose works are not selected for Student Scholars will have the option to be considered for a Poster Presentation. See application form.


All submissions must be sent by 11:59 pm, Friday, December 16, 2022.

Entry Form

Student Scholars Application (Google Doc)

Previous Student Scholar Works (.pdf)

2013 LAND Student Scholars Journal

2011 LAND Student Scholars Journal