37th Annual LAND Conference
Theme: TBD
February 16-18, 2022
Online via Zoom
Theme: Now What?

The Opening Night Student Film Festival is free and open to the public. We will be screening this year’s winning films on Wednesday, February 16 from 6:30-8:30pm on Zoom:


What do you mean “Now What?”? We purposely keep the conference theme broad to invite a range of interpretation across Liberal Arts disciplines. We were motivated to select this year’s theme from simply looking at what’s going on in the world around us, our own experiences with our students as they pursue their dreams against so many odds. All of this, especially when considered in the context of current cultural forces and the social-political climate, can fit within the theme. Find out what it meant to our presenters in their work with the Liberal Arts!

This year’s conference program includes the full line-up and will continue to be updated:

2022 LAND Conference Program

2021 LAND Student Awards Program

The 2022 LAND Conference opens on Wednesday evening with a Social Hour and Student Film Presentation, then goes on Thursday and Friday to include a dozen Lightning Talks, the LAND Institutional Excellence Award, Creative Expressions Night*, Creative Writing Workshop, a Student Support Townhall Discussion, a panel on “TBD” and a panel on “TBD,” Student Scholars Lightning Talks, Student Scholars Poster Session, Student Awards Presentations, and the ever-amazing Student Art Exhibit! Expect to be enlightened, entertained, and engaged with the 2022 conference!

Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals, Student Scholars, creative writing, artwork, films and institutional nominations for the 2021 Conference!
You have helped support the validity and viability of the Liberal Arts in Higher Education!

*Creative Expressions

Hosted by Clark Iverson (The Man with the Top Hat), Creative Expressions is held the Thursday evening of the conference at the hotel. This is an open mic for conference participants to share their own creative writing. Student winners of the creative writing categories who attend the conference are especially welcome to share their writing at this event.

“Nobody goes to LAND once. You will be back.”
Becky Roberts, LAND President