LAND Institutional Excellence Award

The LAND Institutional Excellence Award was established to spotlight, honor, and provide public recognition to a team or group that demonstrates exemplary collaboration and teamwork in the design, implementation, assessment, or advocacy of an innovative course/project/program which

  • improves the impact/quality of the liberal arts curriculum
  • strengthens a current college program or project which advances the liberal arts
  • offers a new option for students to experience the liberal arts

A $1,000 check will be given to the college whose program is selected. It is our desire that this money be used to support the program.

Eligibility for Leadership Award

  • Nominations may be submitted by faculty and/or administrators from any of the 28 community colleges in Michigan. Nominations will require the signed approval of the Liberal Arts Dean or the President of the College.
  • Teams previously nominated that have not been selected for the award may be re-nominated for consideration. Previous winning teams are ineligible.
  • Colleges that have previously won the award are eligible to submit new initiatives. There is no limit on how many times/consecutively a college may be awarded, just so long as it is not the same team/initiative that has already been recognized.

Nomination Process

To nominate a team for this award, you will need to submit a completed entry form.

The nomination should include a description which demonstrates

  • Advancement of the Liberal Arts education through innovation and collaboration in the teaching/learning goals of any course or discipline primarily dedicated to the Liberal Arts.
  • Promotion of educational access to new populations of learners, including outreach to populations or groups currently underrepresented.
  • Enhancement of the quality and outcomes of student learning in the Liberal Arts.
  • Collaborative models of course work, i.e. interdisciplinary teams, cross-disciplinary partnering, collaborative learning, and/or other forms of group productivity and may include outreach into occupational or career preparation.
  • Encouragement of the Liberal Arts for lifelong learning and enjoyment.

Award Selection Criteria

  • The team has implemented a course or project that is innovative and exemplary in advancing new ways to promote the Liberal Arts in the teaching and learning mission of the college.
  • The team course/project is effectively designed to enhance the quality of student learning and the potential advancement of liberal learning among community college students.
  • The team course/project provides an effective model for integration of liberal learning to enhance the student’s educational experience for life-long learning and enrichment.
  • The team course/project promotes educational access to new populations of learners in the community college and enhances the potential for successful experience among diverse groups of learners

Submitting the Application

All nominations are to be submitted electronically to

Richard R. Reagan

We appreciate receiving presentations as .doc or .docx files so that we do not have to re-type the information for publication on the website.


The submission deadline is 11:59 pm, Friday, December 16, 2022.

Nomination Form