Information for Writing Contest Coordinators

Local LAND Creative Writing Competitions

Each campus must implement its own local competition or other structured selection process for identifying submissions that will represent the college campus. Set local competition deadlines early enough to allow the campus coordinator sufficient time to identify winners and submit their entries to the statewide competition.

Each college may submit only two entries per category to the statewide competition. Multi-campus institutions may submit two entries per category for each campus.

Submission of Campus Winners to the Statewide Competition

The competition deadline is 11:59 pm EST, Friday, December 16, 2022. Entries received after 11:59 pm EST on that date will not be included in the contest. To avoid exclusion because of technical problems, we recommend e-mailing submissions a few days early.

Official entry forms must be filled out completely for each of the (up to) six entries from your campus and submitted with the entries.

While various instructors may be identified on the transmittal forms, the entries from a campus must be submitted by one campus coordinator, either via one e-mail or via a series of e-mails sent one after another within a short period of time.

E-mail submissions and transmittal forms as attachments in one of these formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf with the following subject line: “LAND Writing Competition Entries From [Your College].” E-mail submissions to the LAND contest coordinator, Dr. Peter Kim at

Verification of Entries

Receipt of submissions will be promptly acknowledged. If you haven’t received an acknowledgment of submission within 24 hours, please re-submit.

Prior to any public announcement of winners, sponsoring instructors will be contacted to reaffirm the authenticity and originality of the entry.

The student retains the copyright to the fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction submitted to the LAND writing competition. However, the student grants LAND the right to reproduce any submission on its website or any other LAND publication regardless of medium of publication.

Entry Form

LAND does not accept entries sent directly by students. The entry form should be submitted by each college’s contest coordinator.

The entry form that must be submitted with each entry is available here:

Creative Writing Entry Form (Google Form)